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Rules Updates for 2018

Updates for the 2018 Season


Field Size will be determined by course availability and number of consisently active members

Fields of 40 or less players will be split into 2 flights, fields of more than 40 players will be split into 3 flights.


Tee Boxes:

A flight will play tee boxes in the 6400-6900 yard range

B flight will play tee boxes in the 6000-6400 yard range

C flight (when applicable) will play tee boxes in the 5800-6200 yard range

On some course when deemed appropriate for pace of play multiple box options may be provided to players. Current player handicap will also play a factor: for exampe someone who is a 13 handicap in the B flight may depending on yardage be able to move back a tee, however another B flight player with a handicap of 21 may not get that option.




Pairings for regular events will be split by flight, with the A flight going first and the B flight second.

in the even where we have a mixed group due to the number of players, that group will be in the middle of the field.

Pairings are randomly generated by the computer.

Pairings requests will be considered but not guaranteed.

Tee Time requests will be handled as best as we (the EC) can.

Pairings for the majors will be based on the standings of the Top 6 Leaderboard. The higher you are on the leaderboard the later your tee time.


Skins and CTP:

Skins and Closest to Pin are optional buy ins at each event.

Skins is $10 per event and CTP will be $5 per event.

Notification must be received by the EC prior to the first group teeing off if you want in these contests. Notification may be face to face, via text, phone call, or Facebook posting.

Skins payouts will be the number of players in skins times $10, divided evenly amongst the number of uncontested (non cut) skins.

CTP payouts will be the total pot divided evenly by the number of par 3's on the course. This is typically 4



We will conduct 12 events per season, cost is $15 per event with the exception of the 2 day major which is $20.

8 are regual events where the maximum possible points is 36.

1 event is a 2 person competition with a maximum of 36 points each.

2 events are single day majors with a maximum of 50 points

1 event is a 2 day major with a maximum of 50 points.


2 Day Major:

The 2 day major is the last event of the regular season.

A player MUST play both rounds to receive points

If someone can only play one round they may do so (if the course allows) however they will not receive any points.


End of Season Invitational:

All players in the top 20 of the Top 6 Leaderboard at the conclusion of the regular season will be automatically granted entry in the Invitational. Additiional spots are available for people that wish to play.

Only those players in the top 20 are eligible for the event purse.

Anyone that is playing that day is eligible for Skins and CTP if they choose to play.

If someone in the top 20 does not want to or cannot play, we will not be expanding the qualification line. This means that we may only have 15 or 18 people competing for the purse.


Tampa Cup:

Qualification is based on your standing on the Overall Leaderboard at the end of the season.

Captains will be determined after the 11th event of the year, at which time they will select from the Top 10 players on the leaderboard to bring each team to 5 players.

After the final event anyone in the Top 20 that has not been selected previously will then be drafted.

2 captains picks will be granted for each captain for selecting their 11th and 12th players. These are the last 2 picks for each team.


Replacement of players for Tampa Cup

If a person in the Top 20 cannot or does not want to play in the Tampa Cup we will move the qualification line the the next person on the list until all replacements are made. Example 2 people in the top 20 cannot play, we would then expand down the list to place 22 as required qualified players.

If a captains pick is unable to play, they may be replaced with any member of the tour in good standing.


End of season prized:

At the conclusion of the season the following will be rewarded at the Invitational

1st place on the Overall Leaderboard

1st - 5th place on the Top 6 Leaderboard

Payouts will vary year to year based on event particaipation and number of active tour members.