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About The Tampa Tour (3T)

In 2006, four friends (Mark Nalywajko, Shaun Collins, Ryan Sanz, and Jeremy Dixon) got together to discuss how they could find away to relive some of the competition that they experienced while playing high school and college sports. There were many considerations, from joining other men’s leagues to joining up at a local course, before deciding to start a golf league. The thought process was that aside from the love of playing golf, there were few common characteristics between the friends and the other local leagues. The friends were young professionals, and they wanted to cater to that demographic in developing their league, as nothing else like it existed in a format that was continual…. And affordable! The goal was to create an environment where they could invite their friends, and friends of friends, out to various courses throughout the Tampa Bay area, and compete in a fair environment for pride, and prizes.

The first year of the Tampa Tour was certainly a learning experience, and they averaged just 6 players per weekend. The Tour primarily played at courses that offered summer discounts, and play typically took place at courses in Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties.

Year two saw moderate growth, as word continued to spread, and the Tour found themselves adding a 4-some per event, averaging 10 players per weekend. Play continued at courses the participated in summer discounts, and the Tour ventured north and east into Hernando and Polk Counties. A huge event was the first Tampa Cup, where the Tour challenged another local Tour in a 2 day Ryder Cup-like event. The Tampa Tour was victorious in winning the Tampa Cup 12.5 – 11.5 points. It was an exciting 2 day match play tournament, and capped off a tremendous second year. The Tour developed a new handicapping system, in an effort to make it even more competitive, and the continued development added 2 more 4-somes per event, as the Tour then averaged 18 players. It also marked the first year that the Tour had a website, creating a spot where members who couldn’t make an event could stay updated with the results of the events, and write posts to one another, usually to haze another member.

2008 marked the third season for the Tour, and word of mouth marketing continued the moderate growth, bringing the average event to 18 golfers. The creation of an Executive Committee allowed the Tour to continue the growth in an organized way, with Mark Naly taking the lead role. The Tampa Cup continued, but the Tour decided to bring it in-house. Twenty members of the Tampa Tour were split down the middle, with Mark Naly leading one team against one led by Ryan Sanz. Check out the results page to see who won. The Tour also expanded the selection of courses, venturing east to Orlando to experience some of the best courses in central Florida.

Season four kicked off in dramatic fashion, as the Tour had their first hole in one, scored by one of the founders, Ryan Sanz. Mark Naly continued to lead the Tour and it’s growth, as membership rose to an average of 26 golfers per event. The Tampa Cup continued as an annual event, pitting The Tampa Tour members against themselves, but opening it up to 24 players. Courses continued to stretch throughout central Florida, even venturing down into Manatee County.

2010 marks Season 5 of The Tampa Tour, and a major change in the off-season resulted in changes in leadership. Mark Naly, fresh off the birth of his first child, decided to step down as Tour Commish. The other members of the Executive Committee stepped up though, and have committed to the continued growth of the Tour, the selection of courses, and the overall experience of the Tampa Tour. We welcome you to come and share in this experience with us, and look forward to seeing you on the course.