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2015 Changes


We found the changes implemented last year seemed to improve pace of play and reduce the overhead of administration thus will be keeping them in place.  Check the 'So what is changing...' section below for more details.

Who's running the show THIS year

Brian Hilchie will be taking the reins as the tournament organizer again this year.

Best Ways to Contact US

If you would like to send an email to Brian or the rest of the EC please use If you use the “contact us” link on the website it may be a lengthy turn around time, unfortunately everyone does not seem to receive those emails and we don’t currently have the ability to update that.

so what is changing??

o   We’re taking away the choice of tee box options **

  • When there are 3 flights the tee boxes will be determined by flight
  • When there are 2 flights the tee boxes will be determined by hcp

o   We’ll continue to have 3 flights when fields are 36 or higher

o   We’re keeping fees the same for 2015

o   No more mandatory random pairings for events. We do however reserve the right to work the pairings the best way we see fit in certain cases. (If you have a reputation for being slow and want to pair up with another person who falls in the same boat….the best you’ll get for your request is a slight chuckle J) Also, we’re NOT taking request after the Wednesday before the tournament. If you haven’t requested by then please don’t ask. This tour is run on a voluntary basis and you SHOULD feel guilty if you procrastinated and ask someone to waste their personal time doing double work on your behalf.

** We understand this may not be desired by all parties, however it is a work in progress and we will make every effort to do what is best for the Tour. This change will serve many purposes. It helps minimize the overall effort to organization events, allow us to quickly respond to issues outside of our control, and in some cases it may speed up play. Plus, it will make the courses happier and give them less reason to complain about how slow we are as well as allow us to continue to play great venues.  We appreciate your understanding.